Vi utvecklar metoder för miljömässigt balaserad kontroll av myggproblem

The aim of Biological Mosquito Control is

to reduce the abundance of floodwater mosquitoes to acceptable levels so that people can enjoy living in and visiting the Nedre Dalälven region.

2019-11-26 17:00

The application has been submitted to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

On October 15, the application to suppress mosquitoes along the Nedre Dalälven was submitted. The application requests permissino for 3 years (2020-2022) as opposed to the previous one year permits. Our hope is that by submitting this early and for multiple years, we can alleviate any delays between receiving the permit and potential early spring floods. This application encompasses a total of 12 543 ha (see proposed areas here). An application for control in Forshaga municipality for 2020 and a total of 669.4 ha (see areas here) was sent to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency on October 24. On the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's website, the entire application for Nedre Dalälven is available here, the entire application for Forshaga is here. Read more


Week 48

We continue working in accordance with our annual schedule.

Week 49

We continue working in accordance with our annual schedule.

Week 50

We can begin responding to feedback from the Swedish Ennvironmental Protection Agency.


There are around 50 species of mosquitoes in Sweden and we have found 33 species in the area around River Dalälven.

Mosquito control

Larvae of floodwater mosquitoes are controlled by aerial application of VectoBac G granules, which contain Bti as active ingredient and are dispersed by helicopter.

Non-target programme

To study the potential environmental impact of Bti, we have a non-target organism  programme.

About us

Biological Mosquito Control is a project within Nedre Dalälven Utvecklings AB (NEDAB) with offices in Uppsala and Gysinge.