Vi utvecklar metoder för miljömässigt balaserad kontroll av myggproblem

The aim of Biological Mosquito Control is

to reduce the abundance of floodwater mosquitoes to acceptable levels so that people can enjoy living in and visiting the Nedre Dalälven region.

2020-06-15 15:05

Successful Mosquito Treatment

The treatment effort took place on May 28 and included a total of 166 ha, distributed in areas at Hallsjön, Storsjön, Vivastbo and Sevallbo. The effort yielded good results and we do not expect any hatching of flood mosquitoes in the near future.

2020-05-27 16:31

The first mosquito control measure of 2020 will take place this week!

Local rain has created some flooding conditions in areas that are disjointed from the Nedre Dalälven. Therefore a treatment against these floodwater mosquitoes is planned for Thursday this week. The areas identified for control are Hallsjön in Huddunge, Storsjön in Möklinta, Vivastbo in Västmanland and Sevallbo in Gävleborgsland.

2020-05-18 15:00

The appeal will not adversely effect this year's mosquito control

In lieu of the appeal against areas excluded from mosquito control, there was some uncertainty as to whether our permits would be delayed in the areas in which the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency had granted permission. Therefore, NEDAB had submitted to the Land and Environmental Court a request to honor the permits while deliberating on the particular areas in question. The Land and Environmental Court decided that the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's decision shall apply immediately in those parts that have not been appealed. Thus, there is no obstacle to fight in the areas with permission if necessary.


Week 26

Last week we had some heavy but isolated rain over Tuesday evening and into Wednesday. The Dalälven is stable but we plan to visit some of the previously treated areas that are disjointed from the river.

Week 27

As June comes to a close and the rivers flow rate poses no threat of pushing into the floodplains, the probability of a control treatment reduces. This is because the snowmelt from the mountains has already occurred and the risk of heavy rains diminishes.

Week 28

We continue to monitor conditions in both Nedre Dalälven and Klarälven. The non-target organism program continues on it's regular weekly schedule.


There are around 50 species of mosquitoes in Sweden and we have found 33 species in the area around River Dalälven.

Mosquito control

Larvae of floodwater mosquitoes are controlled by aerial application of VectoBac G granules, which contain Bti as active ingredient and are dispersed by helicopter.

Non-target programme

To study the potential environmental impact of Bti, we have a non-target organism  programme.

About us

Biological Mosquito Control is a project within Nedre Dalälven Utvecklings AB (NEDAB) with offices in Uppsala and Gysinge.