Vi utvecklar metoder för miljömässigt balaserad kontroll av myggproblem

The aim of Biological Mosquito Control is

to reduce the abundance of floodwater mosquitoes to acceptable levels so that people can enjoy living in and visiting the Nedre Dalälven region.

2018-05-25 16:21

Mosquito control treatment covered 4411 hectares

The floodplains of the River Dalälven were subject to enormous floodings, with the highest water levels since summer 2000. This resulted in hatching of both snow pool mosquito larvae, and floodwater mosquito larvae. Between May 10 and 14, the mosquito control agent VectoBac G was spread by helicopter over 4411 ha in total.
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2018-03-20 09:09

Länsstyrelsen Dalarna has granted permissions for three years

The County Administrative Board of Dalarna has granted permissions for treatments with VectoBac G in Kungsgårdsholmarna and Prostnäsets nature reserve as well as its part of Färnebofjärden national park for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.

2018-02-15 12:43

Update on applications for 2018

Our application for mosquito control using VectoBac G spread by helicopter and within Natura-2000 areas has been sent to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in November 2017. In February 2018, the agency handed over the handling to the Ministry of the Environment and Energy. Read more


Week 18

The emergence traps within the non-target organisms programme are taken out from winter storage to the study areas.

Week 19

First sampling week in our mosquito surveillance programme.

Week 21

Sampling week in our mosquito surveillance programme.


There are around 50 species of mosquitos in Sweden, and we have found 29 species in the area around River Dalälven.

Mosquito control

Larvae of floodwater mosquitos are controlled by aerial application of VectoBac G granules, which contain Bti as active ingredient and are dispersed by helicopter.

Non-target programme

To study the potential environmental impact of Bti we have a non-target organisms  programme.

About us

Biological Mosquito Control is a project within Nedre Dalälven Utvecklings AB (NEDAB) with offices in Uppsala and Gysinge.