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2020-01-14 16:16

Update on the Application Process

The Nedre Dalälven application process is at the stage where the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has now forwarded our request on to the central government (read here, Swedish only). Regarding Forshaga, our opinion on the stakeholder response to our application has been submitted to the Swedish EPA (read here, Swedish only). Following their review, we expect that our request for mosquito control with Forshaga will also be forwarded on to the central government.

2019-11-26 17:00

The application has been submitted to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

On October 15, the application to suppress mosquitoes along the Nedre Dalälven was submitted. The application requests permissino for 3 years (2020-2022) as opposed to the previous one year permits. Our hope is that by submitting this early and for multiple years, we can alleviate any delays between receiving the permit and potential early spring floods. This application encompasses a total of 12 543 ha (see proposed areas here). An application for control in Forshaga municipality for 2020 and a total of 669.4 ha (see areas here) was sent to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency on October 24. On the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's website, the entire application for Nedre Dalälven is available here, the entire application for Forshaga is here.

2019-05-24 15:21

Decision on mosquito control for 2019

On April 26th the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency approved mosquito control along the Nedre Dalälven.

2019-05-24 15:13

We are now working in Forshaga Municipality as well!

For 2019 we have the assignment of preparing for treatments of floodplain mosquitos along the Klarälven in 2020. This includes collecting mosquito abundance data in the affected area. You can find more information in the menu under Forshaga or by clicking here.

2018-10-18 14:20

Job opening!

We 're now looking for a mosquito control technician with start from February 2019.

2018-10-16 13:54

Article about the mosquito fauna of Nedre Dalälven

We have a new publication in the Journal of the European Mosquito Control Association. You can read our article "The Nedre Dalälven River Landscape in Central Sweden - a hot-spot for mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) diversity"  here.

2018-09-03 09:43

Mosquito control season is over

Our permit to control mosquitoes ended on August 31, so the mosquito control season 2018 is over now. We have already started with the preparations for next year's mosquito control. Do you want to know what we do all year round - look at "our year" here.

2018-05-25 16:21

Mosquito control treatment covered 4411 hectares

The floodplains of the River Dalälven were subject to enormous floodings, with the highest water levels since summer 2000. This resulted in hatching of both snow pool mosquito larvae, and floodwater mosquito larvae. Between May 10 and 14, the mosquito control agent VectoBac G was spread by helicopter over 4411 ha in total.

2018-03-20 09:09

Länsstyrelsen Dalarna has granted permissions for three years

The County Administrative Board of Dalarna has granted permissions for treatments with VectoBac G in Kungsgårdsholmarna and Prostnäsets nature reserve as well as its part of Färnebofjärden national park for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.

2018-02-15 12:43

Update on applications for 2018

Our application for mosquito control using VectoBac G spread by helicopter and within Natura-2000 areas has been sent to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in November 2017. In February 2018, the agency handed over the handling to the Ministry of the Environment and Energy.