Mosquito control areas 2018

We have applied for floodwater mosquito control with VectoBac G within frame areas of 11,671 ha in total, identical with the areas for 2017. In 2017, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and regional authorities granted permits for treatments within 10,346 ha in total. Three Natura 2000-areas, Jordbärsmyren-Ålbo, Tjursöarkipelagen, Spjutholmen as well as parts of Båtfors were denied permit. We expect the decision of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency for 2018 in the end of march/beginning of april.

The maps below show applied and granted frame areas for floodwater mosquito control 2017. Some additional exclusions can occur where landowners deny permission.

Floodwater mosquito control areas

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Norra Färnebofjärden och Sälja

Södra Färnebofjärden


Kågbo - Mehedeby



Näckenbäck - Bännbäck-Leknäs


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