Vi utvecklar metoder för miljömässigt balaserad kontroll av myggproblem

The aim of Biological Mosquito Control is

to reduce the abundance of floodwater mosquitoes to acceptable levels so that people can enjoy living in and visiting the Nedre Dalälven region.

2021-08-31 14:17

The treatment season has concluded

The flooding of Nedre Dalälven at the end of August will hatch larvae to such an extent that a control treatment would have been justified. In assessing the prognosis for cooler weather, there is a greatly reduced risk that this generation of flood mosquitoes will mate, which is required to provoke the females to seek a blood meal. In the absence of this, we determine that this generation of flood mosquitoes is unlikely to disturb people to any significant degree. We have therefore decided not to carry out any control effort this time and thus end our control season.


Week 47-50

We continue working according to our seasonal schedule.

Week 51-52

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Week 2

We continue working according to our seasonal schedule.


There are around 50 species of mosquitoes in Sweden and we have found 33 species in the area around River Dalälven.

Mosquito control

Larvae of floodwater mosquitoes are controlled by aerial application of VectoBac G granules, which contain Bti as active ingredient and are dispersed by helicopter.

Non-target programme

To study the potential environmental impact of Bti, we have a non-target organism  programme.

About us

Biological Mosquito Control is a project within Nedre Dalälven Utvecklings AB (NEDAB) with offices in Uppsala and Gysinge.