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2021-08-31 14:17

The treatment season has concluded

The flooding of Nedre Dalälven at the end of August will hatch larvae to such an extent that a control treatment would have been justified. In assessing the prognosis for cooler weather, there is a greatly reduced risk that this generation of flood mosquitoes will mate, which is required to provoke the females to seek a blood meal. In the absence of this, we determine that this generation of flood mosquitoes is unlikely to disturb people to any significant degree. We have therefore decided not to carry out any control effort this time and thus end our control season.

2021-06-24 06:28

The conclusion of our 2nd Dalälven treatment

On Sunday, June 20th we completed treatment of 643 hectares of floodplains within 3 municipalities along the Nedre Dalälven (see map).
We hope this contributes to a more pleasant midsummer for everyone in the vicinity. 

2021-06-18 21:49

2nd treatment to begin following recent rain

We will begin our 2nd treatment for the 2021 season. This time at a smaller scale in the predominantly rain effected areas of Hallaren, Vivastbo and Dalkarlsbo. The recent rainfall has created sufficicent flooding in these areas to induce a new hatching of floodwater mosquitoes. Depending on wind and rain, the helicopter should begin saturday afternoon and continue through the weekend.

2021-06-04 13:06

Treatment of Nedre Dalälven and Forshaga kommun concludes today

During the morning, treatment was carried out in the Avesta area, which ends the very extensive first control of the 2021 season. Floodplain mosquitoes were treated throughout 5568 ha flooded areas within 7 municipalities along the Nedre Dalälven (click for map) and treated throughout 280 ha within Forshaga municipality (click for map). Special thanks to the support from the community and the efforts of extra personnel who without which,  we would not be able to perform the arduous tasks needed for treatment. 

2020-05-04 09:39

Gävle Municipality has challenged the decision by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

An appeal by Gävle municipality to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has now been submitted to the courts for land and the environment. The municipality is challenging a part of the decision that denies treatments in the three Natura 2000 areas; Jordbärsmuren-Ålbo, Tjursöarkipelagen and Spjutholmen.

2020-04-27 00:00

The current mosquito situation

As expected in the spring, mosquitoes begin to show themselves. These early season mosquitoes are those that overwinter as adult females. The large mosquitoes with striped legs and spotted wings can be a nuisance but only for a short period. We have also conducted field visits in both Nedre Dalälven and Klarälven and they both show low water levels with relatively dry floodplains. In some concentrated areas in Forshaga we did find snowpool mosquito larvae and pupae which will likely be in the air in 1-2 weeks. This species is not among the mosquitoes we seek to mitigate.
The target group for mitigation are floodplain mosquitoes which have laid their eggs and await a proper flood event. We continue to keep our focus on these conditions along the Dalälven and Klarälven.

2020-03-30 12:49

The Environmental Protection Agency has made their decision!

On March 26, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency granted an exemption which will allow us to conduct mosquito control along the Nedre Dalälven for the years 2020-2022. As in previous years we did not receive teh exemption for Natura 2000 areas Sputholmen, Tjursö archipelago, and Jordbärsmuren-Ålbo. The full decision along with appendices can found at this link to the Environmental Protection Agency's website (Swedish only).

Concurrently, Forshaga mosquito control also received an exemption but for the year 2020 (as applied for). All areas aside from the Natura 2000 area, Näs were approved. This decision can be found at this link to the Environmental Protection Agency's website (Swedish only).

2020-01-14 16:16

Update on the Application Process

The Nedre Dalälven application process is at the stage where the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has now forwarded our request on to the central government (read here, Swedish only). Regarding Forshaga, our opinion on the stakeholder response to our application has been submitted to the Swedish EPA (read here, Swedish only). Following their review, we expect that our request for mosquito control with Forshaga will also be forwarded on to the central government.

2019-05-24 15:21

Decision on mosquito control for 2019

On April 26th the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency approved mosquito control along the Nedre Dalälven.

2019-05-24 15:13

We are now working in Forshaga Municipality as well!

For 2019 we have the assignment of preparing for treatments of floodplain mosquitos along the Klarälven in 2020. This includes collecting mosquito abundance data in the affected area. You can find more information in the menu under Forshaga or by clicking here.