Mosquito Control 2020-2022

The prospective areas sought for 2020 through 2022 total 12 543 ha. Spanning 4 county administrative boards and their 7 respective municipalities:
Dalarna: 699 ha in Avesta;
Västmanland: 1 013 ha in Sala;
Gävleborgs: 3 883 ha in Sandviken and 2 309 ha in Gävle;
Uppsala: 3 169 ha in Heby, 1 139 ha in Tierp and 331 ha in Älvkarleby

The maps below differentiate the prospective areas within the municipality from those outside as dark blue and light blue, respectively.

Proposed Areas

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Avesta Municipality

Sala Municipality

Sandviken Municipality

Gävle Municipality

Heby Municipality

Tierp Municipality

Älvkarleby Municipality

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